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This web site is a selection from my former site KayakPeter.net. In the process of finding a new home and moving from the Mojave Dessert to the edge between the Llano Estacado and the Sangre de Cristo mountains I seem to have misplaced my web site.

This site is interactive. It has evolved to be browsed. Play your mouse over text and photos to expose links.

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May the River bring you Peace, Kayak Peter

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Greetings from the Desert

April, 2004          

The Kayaker Goes Mining

Trinity Gold - click for large image

I have contemplated for some time a series on my Mining Days in the 70's and 80's. The first pages are now ready for viewing, Check them out...

Now that I've placated the prevaricating procrastinators once more, K and I plan to get away for part of the summer to New Mexico.

Although Gallup, NM was my first stop when I first came out West in 1969, I have spent no time there since then. I am anxious to correct this oversight.

With all our Love,

Kathryn & Peter

Table of Contents

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  Top of Page: title and controls
  Introduction, including goals and philosophy
  Greeting from the Desert, a photo postcard from Kathryn and Peter with a link to the latest Letter or Photo Essay.
  This Table of Contents
  Final Word, Thought or Poem from my reading with my comments.
  ...Beyond this Page   ...
new! Civil War Letters of Wm. O. Wells, Letters between my Great-grandfather and his family at Eckford, Calhoun Co., Mich. including biographical & genealogical data on the Wells of Mich.
  ... and mi vida in CA   ...
  Westward Ho!, Letters and Journal Extracts upon first coming West including a kayak trip on the Colorado River, 1969-70.
  Yukon Journal, a corrected, amended and more readable account of my journey down the Yukon River.
    A true copy as written in 1972 complete with strikeouts, insertions, misspellings, etc. is also available
Mining Days - my mining days amid the mountains of California. I will add more pictures and campfire tales or, as we referred to them, LIES, as they become available.
Bartending Days - my journey is interrupted. Specs 12 Adler Museum Cafe (1984 thru 1998)
  ... and finally the new   ...
new! KayakPeter.net, My life here in Las Vegas since coming to NM,
containing ...
new! Gallinas Journal, a journal of my walks in Gallinas River Park and elsewhere with my musings upon birds and flora seen and more.
new! My Birds, the list and photos of all the birds seen since coming to NM.



Editing my Yukon Journal, I am
reminded of...


Floating in a tiny boat
lightly on the water, rock with every ripple,

another skin that slides along the water
hung by sea and sky

green mountains turn to clouds
and slip   slow by

two-mile salt water channel
sucks and coils   with the tide

Kayak like a cricket husk-
like an empty spider egg case,
like dried kelp fronds,
like a dry cast skin of a snake,
like froth on the lip of a wave,

trembles on the membrane
paddling forward, paddling backward

crossing at an angle to the
roiling shallow bars

the mountain slides, the moon slides,
the waters churn together,
the near bank races onward,
twin kayak paddles turn and glint like wings
casting spume,

there is no place we are
but maybe here ...


This poem is from Mountains and Rivers without End 1996, by Gary Snyder. He spent 35 years composing this work. Within the end papers reproducing a 12th century Sung dynasty scroll Streams and Mountains Without End Snyder has distilled nature, Zen, science, history, commentary, life and love into his poetry.

Ever since 1959 I have lived with the works of Snyder and traveled some of the same mountains and rivers. This grand poem, the synthesis of his oeuvre, has become a favorite of mine. Dare I see it as model and inspiration for this WebSite?

in the tide-suck dark draft seas,
floating in the weaving
of clouds, ice, tides, calls
-only to be here!
The tiny skin boat.

...I dare not.  Find Gary Snyder's book and read that.

I am still trying to define this website. It appears to be evolving into an extensive autobiography, a journey down the river of my life. I will try to map out a course into the foreseeable future...

...and who knows what the next bend in the river of life will bring.



Please send me email...

... with your comments, questions, quibbles, or suggestions.

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myself near Ely, Nv, 2003
myself near Ely, Nv, 2003


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