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An Account of a Trip Down the Tanana-Yukon Rivers,
from Fairbanks to Kotlik, Alaska, 1972


by Kayak Peter Wait

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This sketch is taken from the cover page of the journal. It was done in pencil on a steno book and is the source of this page's logo.



In the spring of 1972 I decided to take a few months off from programming and continue my tour of the west. Go up to the Northwest. Find a river to kayak. Bob White, a friend down from Fairbanks on a break from winter, suggested the Yukon. That sounded good to me.
     By the time I had wrapped up my work and the company had found a replacement it was late July. I was on a plane from Seattle to Fairbanks, kayak in the baggage compartment. As I flew North I experianced my second sunset of the day, an excelent omen.
     As I decended from the plane to the tarmack I took my first wiff of the central Alaskan air. It smelled just like the air of Northern Wisconsin. I felt as though I had returned home. An even better omen.
     I include two versions of my journal of the trip. The first is just as I wrote it in 1972 complete with strikeouts, insertions, misspellings, etc. The second is a corrected and amended version which I recomend for reading.

Enjoy. PJW 2000

Table of Contents

  • Top of the Page
  • Introduction
  • The Journals, a true copy as written in 1972 complete with strikeouts, insertions, misspellings, etc.
  • The Journals, a faithfully corrected and annotated edition of the above. It is more readable.
    • Part1 (Jul 31 thru Aug 7,):
            Fairbanks, departure; Tanana R.; mosquitos; more mosquitos; Tanana Village, Sandhill Cranes.
    • Part2 (Aug 8 thru Aug 16):
            day in camp; Yukon R.; Ruby; rain; Koyukuk, "Last Chance" Nulato, ½ way.
    • Part3 (Aug 17 thru 23):
            Moose; depressing weather; Kaltag; more rain; a good day, Sandhill Cranes; a small Black Bear.
    • Part4 (Aug 24 thru 29):
            Anvik, some interesting water; Bonasila Slough, American wedgeon; Holy Cross; hint of autumn; a curious animal; Russian Mission;
    • Part5 (Aug 30-Sep 6):
            Pilot Landing; a strange phenomenon, The Raft. another Klepper; Ste Mary's; Mountain Village; I prophetize.
  • End of the Journey & Kotlik
  • Some Facsimiles of pages from the Journal
  • Appendices, reflections, lists: foods (taken, consummed & their nutritional values), wild foods, birds and mammals.
  • Looking Back
  • About these pages
  • Home Page

Looking Back
from the 21st Century

In 1972...  

About these pages

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